Bean to Bar

Know the Bean to bar chocolate process

Selecting Beans

Handpicked, sweated, sun-dried, Indian cocoa beans retaining their finer color, polish and strong bitter taste



Roasted at the perfect temperature on special roasters till the agreeable aroma and dark brown color emerges



The roasted beans are cracked and separated from the outer hull and dust to retain the rich cocoa nib



The cocoa nibs are ground to emit heat and form a dry granular consistency while the fat melts to liquor



The chocolate is heated then cooled following certain temperatures to stabilize it to prevent the chocolate from melting



Following these treatments, our artisans carefully pour the finished chocolates into moulds creating magic in the DARK CHOCOLATE BAR

Chocolates Make a Perfect Gift

RUSHK, chocolate gift pack are the bitter treats that make your day and every occasion memorable. Our rich and refined authentic chocolates say it all as they melt in the mouth to spread the feeling of warmth and delight.

Chocolates Wrapped in Zero Waste Covers

Our dark chocolate bar is wrapped in a zero-waste no plastic virgin foil, paper-free hemp cover chocolate gift pack. With an eye on responsible behaviour at every stage, we decided to do away with the use of plastic completely. Saving the environment and promoting the usage of the eco-friendly hemp, our organic chocolates bar converges with the best of nature. Reaching out to our buyers in the most attractive yet simple packaging that preserves the sovereignty of our chocolate. The chocolate in box adds the extra touch of care that would be appreciated by our patrons.

We are looking at an earth that dispels commercial waste and welcomes a more sustainable alternative. In our small way, we wish to communicate this drive of consciousness through our bean to bar chocolate, to those who care for the environment.

Raise the Bar

48% Milk Classic with rich creaminess from pure Indian cocoa beans our dark chocolate bar melts in your mouth filling the taste buds with its distinct flavour of rich chocolate. Order your chocolate gift pack today.

Rs. 210.00

48% Milk Hazelnut creamy with finely grounded nuts that blend smoothly with the silky textures of our chocolates to being out a taste filled with a pleasure. This desire is unstoppable.

Rs. 240.00

Classic dark chocolate bar prepared from handpicked cocoa beans and stoneground in Bengal. The taste is undeniably pure and classic. Taste it to know how real chocolates are. This chocolate as gift is ideal for the one you care.

Rs. 210.00

The 64% classic dark chocolate bar is combined with hemp hearts adding dollops of nutrition to the bean to bar chocolate treats. The original taste of the classic complements the nutty hemp hearts and makes chocolate gifts online a great idea.

Rs. 240.00

The richness of Pumpkin spice induced with the flavour of the dark chocolate bar brings a unique taste that makes the chocolate so delectable. Do not resist this passion just give into it. Nothing can equal a chocolate as gift. Send one to someone special.

Rs. 210.00

The secret of the pure dark chocolate bar comes from selecting the finest beans, processing it with the utmost care and finally, the tasting is done by those who honour the true value of pure dark chocolate. This bean to bar chocolate leaves a lasting impression.

Rs. 230.00

A burst of orange and cinnamon in 70% cacao is too divine to resist. Allow the invasion of flavours and aromas to pervade your senses while you succumb to this heavenly treat of this dark chocolate bar. Simply order your chocolate gift pack.

Rs. 240.00

A bitter tangy experience just cannot be missed when the combined effect is so sinfully devouring. Just let the profusion of these two unusual tastes play on your palate. Your chocolate in box is waiting to be ordered!

Rs. 240.00

100% Honest Ingredients

Every morsel will spell quality. Let the wholesome feeling of having the true and original dark chocolate bar infuse the senses and leave you with the pleasure of having tasted authentic chocolates. Made from 100% natural Indian cocoa beans, this bean to bar chocolate has a defined taste that has been kept intact and is waiting to be discovered. As you taste our organically sourced pure dark chocolate bar, you cannot help the urge to share it with the most loved person in your life. Perfected with skill and purified with honest inclusions, follow us in a journey to discover the pure chocolate taste. Order online the chocolate gift pack arranged with your favourite flavours to show you care.


You know where to find us

You need no excuse to choose our chocolate as gift for the one you care.

Brand New Flavour Is Out!

This bar is a chocolate lover’s dream come true! It contains only cocoa and sugar, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives added, so you can enjoy it guilt-free without compromising on taste or quality. Its rich flavour makes it perfect for enjoying after dinner or simply on its own when you need something bitter to satisfy your cravings.