48% Milk Classic


48% Milk Classic with rich creaminess from pure Indian cocoa beans that melt in your mouth filling the taste buds with its distinct flavour of rich chocolate. Taste it to believe, buy chocolate online.

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The classic milk chocolate is an all-time favorite. Ours come with more richness of the chocolate containing 48% milk classic that adds to the fullness in taste and reveals its purity. Feel the creamy brown color and texture please your palate with the actual taste of real chocolate. Our chocolates are stoneground in Bengal from Indian cocoa beans and artisans delicately mix the 100% pure cocoa solids with cocoa butter. No artificial flavors or colors are needed in our chocolates for our honest inclusions. Just break a Milk Classic cube and let the flavors sink in your mouth. Enjoy the pure chocolate smell as the creamy texture invades your taste buds and melts within. The milk enhances softness. Keep it in the fridge and when you feel like eating take it out and keep it at room temperature before trying out this special and full of natural flavors Rushk chocolate.