48% Milk Hazelnut


48% Milk Hazelnut creamy and crunchy finely grounded nuts that blend smoothly with the smooth textures of our chocolates retaining the crunchiness. This desire is unstoppable, buy dark chocolate to savour the flavours.



The Milk Hazelnut is a specialty from Rushk. Not too thin or chunky the hazelnut is finely ground and well concealed inside the 48% Milk Hazelnut formula. The texture is creamy owing to the richness of pure milk chocolate and smooth from the perfect grinding of the nuts with nibs. The nuts are mixed with the naturally flavored milk chocolate without large flakes but the whitish small stars like dots are perfectly molded with the pure chocolate. The soft feel of the milk blend uniformly making the palate happy. The secret behind the rich flavor of the milk chocolate is its authentic taste without any artificial flavors or preservatives.