64% Cacao Classic


Classic dark chocolate prepared from handpicked cocoa beans and stoneground in Bengal. The taste is undeniably pure and classic. Try it to know the taste of real chocolates. Order here. Buy chocolate online now.

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The distinct flavor of 64% Cacao Classic, the classic dark chocolate offering is our gift to the real chocolate lovers. Keeping the robust pure chocolate flavors, procured from the Indian cocoa beans and stoneground in Bengal, intact, this fulfils our aim to acquaint people with the actual taste of chocolate. Completely relying on our honest inclusions and keeping away anything artificial from the composition, our technique of bean to bar is a tribute to all the discerning chocolate connoisseurs who lookout for the true purity in dark chocolates. The process of chocolate making maintains a religious procedure carried out by skilled artisans who take the utmost care in bringing the natural flavors to the bars. Made from select cocoa beans, this delightful preparation introduces the world to the intense taste of the real chocolate.