70% Dark – Classic


Classic 70% dark chocolate, the secret of pure dark chocolate comes from selecting the finest beans, processing it with the utmost care and finally, the tasting is done by those who honour the true value…buy our chocolate online.

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Our 70% Cacao Classic experience of dark chocolate is made with the purity of authentic Indian cocoa beans stoneground in Bengal. Each bean of the finest quality is handpicked and following the traditional methods of chocolate making by skilled chocolate makers the actual taste of chocolate in all its richness is achieved. The taste of the chocolate is just perfect without being too overpowering and yet retaining its creaminess and aromatic smell which only come from our honest inclusions. Indeed, our chocolates are preservative-free and do not have a trace of artificial flavors or colors. Let the aromatic essence flow into your senses before the smoothness melts easily in the mouth.