70% Cacao Orange & Cinnamon


A burst of orange and cinnamon in 70% cacao is too divine to resist. Allow the invasion of flavours and aromas to pervade your senses while you succumb to this heavenly treat. Taste it, buy dark chocolate, it enriches your life.



The 70% Cacao Orange & Cinnamon is a spiritual treat that not only pleases the palate but also your heart. The richness of the chocolate permeates the aromatic essence of the orange peel and delivers its candied sweetness with a whiff of cinnamon. The interaction of cinnamon with the candied orange peel intensifies the fruity smell of the orange in cocoa giving out a sweet odor. The cinnamon also makes the chocolate melt faster inside your mouth. Each ingredient used in our chocolate is organically sourced. We also make the candied orange peels to ensure the right amount of sweetness to our dark chocolate delights.