70% Dark – Nuts & Berries


A bitter tangy experience just cannot be missed when the combined effect is so sinfully devouring. Let the infusion of these two unusual tastes play on your palate. Just order your pack, buy chocolate online.

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The amazing combination of bitter chocolate with tangy dried cranberries & blueberries with nutty roasted almonds in Rushk’s 70% Cacao Nuts & Berries is heavenly. This ideal match is a treat for the palate when the bitterness is broken with the characteristic taste of berries & nuts and you get completely absorbed in the magical experience. This is to be appreciated with your eyes closed as you enjoy the subtle infusion inside your mouth and you just cannot resist the next piece from taking over. This well thought out combination expels the most authentic taste of the Indian cocoa beans that follow an intense preparation and bring out the richness of the chocolate. Our chocolates are without added flavors, colors and preservatives.