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Our Vision

Nothing compares to the taste of real chocolate and we intend to bring for you the purest and best dark chocolate in India. While keeping the taste of chocolates intact, we also want to create an industry that involves skilled artisans and increases employability.


Our commitment towards zero-waste with no plastic is made with a responsibility towards society. We want to eliminate the use of plastic and build a waste-free society. Our chocolates are covered with no plastic virgin foils packed in hemp paper-free boxes which are eco-friendly.


We are following an honest path in chocolate making from seed procurement in South India to stone grinding in Bengal. Through natural processing, without artificial flavours or preservatives, the cocoa beans transform into bars. A start of a story, organic chocolate India.

About Us

If you’ve ever savored chocolates and found yourself wondering what sets RUSHK apart, let us unravel our unique offerings for you. While the chocolates you encounter daily often contain various additives, our chocolates are the epitome of purity, focusing solely on the essence of chocolate itself. Our mission is simple: to introduce people to the authentic taste of chocolate and help them distinguish it from the rest. We are dedicated micro-batch bean-to-bar fine chocolate creators.

Our journey begins with the realization that the secret to the finest chocolates in India lies in the careful cultivation and procurement of cocoa pods. Right from our inception in the chocolate-making industry, we’ve been committed to positively impacting lives within our community. Our farmers provide us with fermented and sundried cocoa seeds that guarantee the purest chocolate flavor.

The meticulous craftsmanship of our skilled workers in Bengal plays a pivotal role in crafting our chocolates. They follow a precise process, starting with roasting the selected beans at the optimal temperature to unlock the perfect flavor. Subsequent steps include winnowing, grinding in specialized machines, and conching to develop the ideal taste, aroma, and texture. These meticulous steps ensure that our chocolates attain the desired consistency, earning the approval of chocolate connoisseurs.

Our creations are a harmonious blend of the dedication of our farmers and the artistry of our craftsmen, who have mastered the intricate process of achieving an authentic balance that results in the perfect taste in our chocolates. We take pride in being the pioneers of organic chocolate in India.

Our overarching goal is to foster an inclusive industry that collaborates closely with indigenous chocolate flavors, setting a new standard for distinct tastes in the Indian chocolate industry. There’s truly nothing that can rival the taste of genuine chocolate, and our mission is to offer you the purest and finest dark chocolate in India. In addition to preserving the essence of chocolate, we’re also committed to creating an industry that provides employment opportunities for skilled artisans, thus promoting their growth and development.

Dream Full of Deliciousness

Good Chocolate, Good Life.

Deeply Divine Chocolate

Chocolates have a way of saying it all. Gift someone chocolate and you can win a friend for life. Treat someone to chocolate and you can bring a smile back on a sad face. Eat chocolate yourself and there is no other pleasure that can compare with the perfect taste of a real chocolate.

Feed Your Imagination

Chocolates are counted among the special gifts that one gets. If someone is gifted chocolate you will find them separating the chocolate box from others and storing it in a special place and saved for later. Indeed chocolates are one's best mate that one hates to share. It brings out the most sensuous urges in a person. The pleasure and the gratification one gets on eating chocolate cannot be replaced by any other.

Rich Chocolate Goodness

The feeling of beholding a well-wrapped chocolate bar and smelling its aromatic fragrance even before you unwrap the foil is divine. Feeling the smooth texture and darkness of the chocolate as you run you finger over a perfectly molded bar is euphoric. Breaking a square piece just ready to be devoured is all about the goodness that we wish to share.

Delight in Every Bite

Break a piece from your bar and place it on your tongue. Allow it to melt and pervade your mouth. Experience the smell and feel the aroma as the chocolate melts slowly, the flavors evolve and you cannot help but get addicted.