It is for sure that COVID-19 has affected our lives. Your lives, our lives, and anyone we are acquainted with. It has struck us physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. While RUSHK Chocolates managed to survive and bring a smile to its customers in these gloomy days, we did face some challenges.

RUSHK contrived to help its employees and frontline helpers by reviving their jobs and paying them in time. And, we have proudly made our customers happy by delivering them chocolates in the best possible way. The support of our customers and employees have made us realize the strength that has helped us endure any difficulties and hurdles. It is their dedication towards the success of RUSHK, and we have no words to thank them with.

Today, RUSHK Chocolates is proud to unveil its new look- a new logo that shines bright on the innovative and modular packaging. Rest assured, the content inside the packages is still the same. A bar of bitter chocolate that melts right in the mouth, taking you through pure cocoa indulgence.

While we are celebrating our new look, there is something we want to share with our customers. We have updated our website according to the costs endured during these difficult pandemic times. On the other hand, we have chocolates that were bought less, again the reason is consistent.

We did not want to waste the leftover chocolate bars as they are fit for consumption, that is, they have not reached their expiry dates. Besides, we are strictly against wasting consumables and food as we always strive to protect the environment and our society’s welfare the right way. After all, the chocolates are an emblem of our farmers and frontline employees’ sanctification and perseverance.

Thus after a prolonged discussion with our employers, we have decided to supply the chocolates with old packages under the newer price range. It will help us maintain our “zero waste policy” and save paper that was used to make the old packages. And, we firmly want to assure you that the quality of the chocolates is untouched. It still is the original output of the dedication of our farmers and frontline employees.


The prices displayed on the website currently are modified for new packages. Since we do not want to waste our previously manufactured chocolate bars, that are confined within the older packages, we will be delivering you the old packages. The packages are passed under Quality Checks and checked for expiry dates. We will begin supplying chocolates with newer packages, once our last batch of old packages is exhausted.

It surely is an inconvenience. And, we are extremely sorry for the same. However, we wish to stick to our values as it does not harm society or the people associated with the process. We hope you understand our dilemma and support our cause by accepting this letter of regret. Whatsoever, we promise to deliver you the chocolates of superior quality and taste.