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Bean to Bar, What Does it Mean?

Bean to bar is an oft-used term by chocolate artisans along with craft chocolates. What is the meaning and how genuine are these terms, are some of the interesting points that we will discuss here. If you are a real chocolate lover, you will want to find out. 

Bean to bar mostly indicates that the chocolate brand is in control of the entire process of chocolate making from start to finish. That is right from the plantation stage to the chocolate finishing and packaging and marketing stage it is all taken care of by one single brand. The process also speaks of speciality chocolate prepared from fine cocoa beans. Smallholders who have entered into this business are still very young in this industry and are trying to carve a valuable niche as artisan Chocolatiers. The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) distinguishes the cocoa beans in two broad categories of ‘fine and flavour’ and ‘bulk and ordinary’. Bean to bar is generally referred to as a high-quality chocolate bar. 


Compromised chocolate quality

Most traditional global giants in the business of chocolate making, have their chocolate farms. From retail to mass production, they control the chocolate chain. Technically they also bean to bar chocolate makers. But their production is bent on making a mass profit and therefore, their bars fail to live up to the exceptional quality that limited chocolate makers can produce with methods. 

Limited but improved chocolates 

These small companies care about quality, sustainability and integrity and hold that bean to bar business model that supports their chocolate making cause. The thought behind bean to bar draws imagery of following the best practices of creating authentic bars with classic chocolate making techniques. Supporting the farmers and building a small industry with community involvement is also specifically maintained in the term ‘bean to bar’ chocolates. 

Chocolates that support a community 

There is a socio-economic involvement for the betterment of a community that is included in the tapestry of creating a new brand. It is not attempting to deprive but is supporting the business at every stage and that is what makes it unique and creates the richness of the brand. It also gives an understanding of the acumen of the chocolatier. The art of producing the finest chocolate following the correct processing stages shows mastery in the art of chocolate making. 

Chocolates that support quality

The chocolate makers in small scale industries have the knowhow on the finest cocoa beans and select them carefully to meet the chocolate profile they represent. A fully handcrafted art, the entire process is worked out to perfection. Each stage is monitored by the expert and only then is the finest chocolate produced. The taste of chocolate is affected by the smallest exclusion. Therefore, extra caution is maintained at every step. 


RUSHK, the Indian bean to bar chocolate crafts the finest chocolate with care for its discreet clientele. Identifying a very choosy customer base that appreciates the rich creaminess of bitter chocolates, they are preparing the same in India with finely grown Indian cocoa beans. Available on their website, you can buy chocolates online. Explore their rich selection. Small but unique that is the promise that RUSHK intends to keep for its chocolate lovers. 

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