Building a company is a wholesome experience. As the makers of Bengal’s finest and purest dark chocolates, we agree to it completely. There are many enthusiasts associated with our team trying their best with uncountable efforts to fulfil our mission. We believe RUSHK exists only because of the integrity and determination of these people.

These people are not just workers in our manufacturing unit, but the farmers who toil tirelessly to sprout out the perfect cacao bean, the logistics team, and the administrative team at RUSHK who coordinate them so well. A special thanks go to the dignified closeted team who help us in packaging the chocolate bars. 

Besides, we are also thankful to all our patrons who have appreciated our mission of being Bengal’s first organic chocolate makers. Our dear customers, various online marketplaces and bloggers who support us throughout, we are indebted to all of them.

The New Logo

RUSHK Chocolates India

Proudly born in Bengal, RUSHK Chocolates is Bengal’s only Bean To Bar craft chocolate brand. And, being part of the sweetest community ever, it is our honour to be a contributor to its heritage. It is heartwarming to see the love and support we receive from our Bengali customers every day. Their admiration and affection make us want to give more to the people. 

Thus, keeping their recognition for our efforts in mind, RUSHK Chocolates is proud to unveil its new logo with a unique Bengali touch. Our new logo incorporates a Bengali calligraphy-inspired logo that innates to the Bengali script. We hope this sweet tribute to our land of origin is a justifiable way to pay our respects and garners love from the people of the land.

The Unsung Heroes

We believe a brand stands strong and spirited when the foundational employees are recognised for their endeavours. It may sound company-centric, but we felt the best way to support their dedication and hard work is through our packaging. Our chocolates are securely sealed inside upcycled packages that span across the Bengal market.

Thus, we are proudly printing the team of cocoa farmers who have made our chocolaty endeavour a reality. It is our sole dedication to uplift the unsung heroes of the chocolate crafting industry a step higher to the limelight. The organisation named Go Ground India, Idukki, in Kerala consists of a small number of diligent farmers who have helped us by providing the classic cocoa beans in the country. 

Their high-quality cacao beans are the secret to the classic Bean To Bar chocolates. The beans undergo the organic method of producing pure chocolates as you see them in stores. As a token of thanks, we started with printing their organisation’s name on the front side of every package. We are thankful for their sheer dedication and involvement in helping us with the core ingredient of the chocolates. Going ahead, we have illustrated a little more about the origin of beans and the harvest process to educate our consumers more about their beloved organic chocolates.

With our new packaging, we want to draw your attention toward the lesser-known process of Cocoa Pod to Beans. Cocoa Pods take five to six months to fully ripen and produce close to fifty beans from one such individual pod. Farmers work the hardest in these months to protect, nurture, and assort the pods. The quality of these pods determines the quality of the cocoa mass. The exotic taste of our chocolates is a result of these farmers’ unimaginable labour and determination. To give our consumers an insight into the experience, we have imprinted such impressions on our new packaging. We believe the packaging is only a step towards acknowledging the importance of their work. We believe, through this endeavour, the people coming across our bars will recognize and embrace the perseverance that went through making the chocolate in their palms.

The new packaging is currently available offline at Sienna Store & Cafe, Living Free Store and more coming very soon!

For orders on our website, we are dispatching the old packaging with outdated prices imprinted on them. Read more about the change, here.

Some products on our website, namely 64% Cacao Hemp Hearts & 77% Cacao Cranberry will be available with new packaging.

Check out our newest launch, 80% Cacao Classic.